Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

How do I get started?
Click on the links below and to the right for more information about EDI, lists of approved software vendors, clearing houses, and billing services, and the forms you will need to complete in order for your office to be set up for EDI.

Benefits of EDI Some of the advantages of electronic filing are:

  • Elimination of paper documents, saves space, and lowers storage costs
  • Save time and money eliminating postage
  • EDI editing eliminates many claim errors that delay payment
  • Front-end edit reports confirm the receipt of your electronic file
  • Claims submitted electronically are paid faster (14 days)
  • Conducting business electronically is easy
  • Free software is available for providers to use
  • Support is provided by Cahaba  EDI Help Desk (866-582-3253)

Who should use EDI? Effective October 16, 2003, providers are required to submit their claims electronically to Medicare, with some exceptions. However, all providers, with small or large claims volumes, can successfully submit claims electronically, using a billing service, clearing house, or software from a vendor.

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