Corrected Claims

An analysis done by the Cahaba’s process control area reveals a large number of paper corrected claims being submitted with the wording “Corrected Claim” written on the form; however, there is no cover letter attached indicating what has changed from the original claim and no instructions of what action the provider is expecting Cahaba to take.

Cahaba will return these claims to providers. We ask that you follow the instructions below that pertain to your situation:

  • If you file paper claims and need to make a simple correction to your claim, please call our telephone Clerical Error Reopening (CER) line. Calling our toll free lines to make simple claim corrections is the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way to correct your claim.

Examples of simple corrections and the applicable telephone numbers can be found on our website at: Part B Clerical Error Reopenings Process.

  • If you file electronically and your claim was denied, you may refile the claim electronically with the necessary corrections.
  • If you file electronically and your claim was paid; however, you still need to make a simple correction, please call our telephone CER line.

Please remember that CMS requires all claims to be filed electronically unless your office meets certain specific exception criteria. For more information, please visit our website at Electronic Submission of Medicare Claims.

Cahaba sincerely appreciates your assistance in our effort to reduce the number of “corrected claims” received.

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