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Department Status Reported Workload Impacted Subject Matter Last Update
Log Item DetailsAppealsOpen01/29/2018Part B - ProvidersAccessing Medicare B Redetermination Smart Form 01/30/2018
Log Item DetailsClaimsOpen01/29/2018Part B - ProvidersAccessing Part B Clerical Error Reopening and PWK Coversheet Forms01/30/2018
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeOpen01/29/2018Part B - ProvidersAccessing EDI Part B Add or Update Forms01/30/2018
Log Item DetailsProvider EnrollmentOpen09/07/2017Part B - ProvidersProvider Applications12/06/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed07/13/2017Part B - ProvidersMSP Crossover Claims08/11/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed07/10/2017Part B - Part A and B Electornic SubmittersFront end connectivity issues07/21/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed06/22/2017Part B - Electronic Claim submittersUnable to Connect to EDI Gateway06/26/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed03/16/2017Part B - ProvidersRemittance Advices04/13/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed03/24/2016Part B - Claim DenialsClaim Adjustment Reason Code (CARC) 1304/07/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/24/2016Part B - ClaimsICD-1003/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/11/2017Part B - ProvidersHPSA01/30/2018
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed06/20/2017Part B - ProvidersInitiating Claims Recoupment02/01/2018
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed01/08/2018Part B - Electronic claim submittersProcessing issue for electronic claims01/08/2018
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed12/19/2017Part B - ProvidersPhysician Fee Schedule12/28/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed08/11/2017Part B - Electronic remittance usersElectronic remittances delayed08/11/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed08/07/2017Part B - InsitePart B Remittances08/08/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed02/24/2017Part B - ProvidersSystem Generated Adjustments (USR8)02/01/2018
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed06/19/2017Part B - Part B EDIDelayed Claims Processing06/19/2017
Log Item DetailsProvider Contact CenterClosed04/19/2017Part B - All providersProvider Contact Center is Experiencing Technical Difficulties04/19/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed04/19/2017Part B - Electronic Claim SubmittersNetworking problems with the SQL server and the SFTP server04/18/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed01/19/2017Part B - Hardcopy Claims Hardcopy Claims Rejecting Due to Number of Services03/21/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed01/24/2017Part B - Ambulatory Surgical CenterAmbulatory Surgical Center Procedure Codes03/08/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/04/2016Part B - Claims for CPT 90674Influenza Vaccine CPT 9067403/08/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed04/07/2016Part B - ClaimsLow Dose CT Scan for Lung Cancer - G0297 TC/2602/28/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed12/28/2016Part B - ClaimsEDI Submitters ID 277CA Rejections02/24/2017
Log Item DetailsMedical ReviewClosed11/29/2016Part B - ClaimsAntiangiogenic Therapy for Ophthalmic Conditions LCD - L3425202/24/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed12/20/2016Part B - InSite Web PortalPreventative Services02/28/2017
Log Item DetailsMedical ReviewClosed06/10/2016Part B - ClaimsQualitative Drug Testing - LCD L3363502/24/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed11/11/2016Part B - Front End RejectionsReason Code 496 02/24/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed03/18/2016Part B - Ambulatory Surgical CentersSurgical Center Quality Reporting Penalty02/24/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed02/09/2016Part B - Anesthesia PricingAnesthesia Conversion Factors02/25/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed02/04/2016Part B - ClaimsHCPCS G0480- G0483 (Drug Testing)02/25/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed06/13/2017Part B - Electronic claim submittersFiles not preocessed06/13/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed11/28/2016Part B - Part B Electronic Claim Submitters Passwords07/25/2017
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