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Local Coverage Determination (LCD) & Articles

For an overview of LCDs, visit the CMS website at Program Integrity Manual (Pub. 100-08), Chapter 13.

ICD-10 Documents

States MAC-A Coverage Databases
Alabama LCDs Status of Draft LCDs Articles
Georgia LCDs Status of Draft LCDs Articles
Tennessee LCDs Status of Draft LCDs Articles
Draft LCDs
When a new or revised LCD requires comment and notice, Cahaba GBA will provide a minimum comment period of 45 calendar days on the DRAFT LCD. Instructions regarding comment submissions can be found on our LCD Comment and Reconsideration page. Cahaba GBA considers all comments and revises the LCD as needed.

Once finalized, the comments and responses will be compiled into a document which will be accessible within the Final Draft LCD under the “Related Documents” section.

Cahaba shall provide a minimum NOTICE period of 45 calendar days on the Final DraftLCD.

The status of a Draft LCD (denoted by the prefix ‘DL’ in the ID number), can be checked by selecting the appropriate option in the table above.  Draft LCD Open Meetings are announced on our “Calendar of Events” page.

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