Claim Status Tools

To check the status of your Medicare claim:

  • The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offers quick and easy access to Medicare claims information and patient eligibility 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  You can call the IVR toll-free at 1-877-567-7271 and IVR instructions are available to assist you with using the system.
  • Access the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) via Direct Data Entry (DDE).  Go to the “Education and Outreach” Web page and select the “Educational Materials” link.  After selecting your provider type, access the Inquiry Menu link under the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Reference Guide.
  • InSite is a FREE service that allows providers and suppliers to conduct business via an online web portal instead of using the IVR or calling the Provider Contact Center.  You can use this system to find beneficiary eligibility and entitlement information; query for your claims status; and view your provider/supplier demographic information.



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