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Cahaba Help Log

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Department Status Reported Workload Impacted Subject Matter Last Update
Log Item DetailsClaimsOpen03/24/2017Part A - OutpatientV8015/39925 03/24/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsOpen02/10/2017Part A - Rural Health Clinics Reason Code 3992703/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsOpen01/21/2017Part A - ClaimsPneumococcal and Influenza Vaccines03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsOpen01/12/2017Part A - Independent Rural Health ClinicsRural Health Clinic03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsOpen11/29/2016Part A - Outpatient ClaimsSuspending to Location SMFIND03/23/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeOpen11/28/2016Part A - Electronic Claims SubmittersPasswords03/14/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsOpen05/16/2014Part A - Claims ProcessingSuspended Claims in SM95HG03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsMedicare Secondary PayerOpen02/28/2012Part A - MSP ClaimsCorrection of MSP Covered Days03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed02/01/2017Part A - Skilled Nursing Facility Skilled Nursing Facility Services03/23/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/21/2016Part A - ClaimsClaim Underpayment Reason Code 3240401/01/1970
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/21/2016Part A - Rural Health ClinicsReason Code 3991003/23/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/21/2016Part A - ClaimsEdit 3240401/01/1970
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/04/2016Part A - Claims ProcessingCPT 90674 Influenza Vaccine Flucelvax01/01/1970
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/21/2016Part A - ClaimsReason 32404 Claim Overpayments/Underpayments 03/23/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed03/16/2017Part A - ProvidersCancel Dates not populating in FISS03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed01/31/2017Part A - Rural Health ClinicsClaims Returned w/ edit 3235203/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed01/18/2017Part A - ClaimsPneumococcal Vaccine 03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed12/21/2016Part A - Cochlear ImplantationReason Code Denials 59134 and 5913503/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed11/29/2016Part A - ClaimsAntiangiogenic Therapy for Ophthalmic Conditions LCD - L3425203/21/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed01/17/2017Part A - Long Term Care Hospitals (LTCH)Underpayments03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed12/19/2016Part A - Influenza Vaccine CPT 90688Influenza Vaccine CPT 9068803/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/23/2016Part A - Claims ProcessingSuspense Claims03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/19/2016Part A - ClaimsW7099 03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed03/21/2017Part A - Electronic claimsPossible inappropate 277CA rejections03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/14/2016Part A - Rural Health ClinicsReason Code 3718702/28/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed12/28/2016Part A - Claims SuspenseReason Code 3096602/28/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed12/20/2016Part A - InSite InSite- Viewing Preventative Services02/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed08/29/2016Part A - Claims ProcessingReason Code 3SPxx02/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed08/10/2016Part A - Claims Processing Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) and Long Term Care Hospital (LTCH) PPS02/27/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed11/11/2016Part A - New Submitter CodeFront End Rejections- Code 49602/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed02/01/2016Part A - Claims ProcessingReason Codes- 31701, 31702, 31703, 31704, and 3170502/28/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed04/15/2016Part A - Rural Health ClaimsClaims processing incorrectly02/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed01/17/2017Part A - Inpatient ClaimsProcedure Code 96.72 (ICD9) and 5A1955A (ICD10)03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed01/17/2017Part A - Psychiatric/Long Term Care Hospitals Overpayments/Underpayments03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed10/21/2016Part A - Rural Health ClinicsTOB 71X03/22/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed03/13/2017Part A - Electronic ClaimsElectronic claim front end rejections03/14/2017
Log Item DetailsElectronic Data InterchangeClosed03/13/2017Part A - Electronic claimsSystem Access Request recertifications03/14/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed08/18/2016Part A - Claims ProcessingReason Code 1040502/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed08/08/2016Part A - Claim DenialsICD-10-PCS Code 03CG3ZZ 02/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed08/01/2016Part A - Claims ProcessingHCPCS Code Q4081- Injection Epoetin Alfa02/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed05/18/2016Part A - Suspending ClaimsReason Code 31952 02/27/2017
Log Item DetailsClaimsClosed05/05/2016Part A - Rural Health Clinic71x RTP in Error02/27/2017
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