Deactivation of Part B Redetermination and Part B Clerical Error Reopening Fax Lines

The Jurisdiction J transition of Part B is effective 2/23/2018.  To ensure the orderly transition of work to the incoming MAC contractor, Palmetto GBA, the below listed fax lines will be deactivated.

We have provided the mailing address and date range during which the specific mailing address is applicable.  Please mail any items to the listed address during the date specified.

Part B Mailing Address – Active until February 23, 2018   

Cahaba Medicare Part B
Post Office Box 6169
Indianapolis, IN  46206

*Check Palmetto GBA Jurisdiction J A/B MAC Transition for Part B mailing information beginning 2/26/2018.

Impacted Fax Numbers – The following fax lines are no longer operational   

Department of Request Fax Number
Redeterminations 1-855-215-9290
Clerical Error Reopenings (CER) 1-855-483-9248


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